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Going running with Anthony tonight.

I’m excited, but I’m sure he’ll bury me since I haven’t ran in so long.

lapsed today

tomorrow, though, back on the treadmill and off my ass.

so far as of 12:04 pm

i’ve done 45 mintues of this training eliptical thing.
aprox. 1.6 miles, 100 carbs, 600 calories.
going swimming, then shower, then store, then workout session with anthony, then degrassi marathon with friends.

eptiome of bad sitcom, love my life.

so pysched

i’m gonna be working out every day this summer with both anthony and daniel. i’m determined to stick to it and keep up :)
i’m gonna need a plan, but i’m sure they’ll help me.
anthony’s already kinda buff and daniel’s gonna be doing different fighting, so i’m in good hands.
starting tomorrow, stoked as hell

starting inches: about 35_1/2 inches
haha gonna hate myself for broadcasting that to the world later.

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