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getting in the best shape ever

wanted to share
that I am getting in the best shape ever
what got me here? I remember not so long ago
I was pathethic and eat all that junk, feeling sorry for myself.
Until I saw the kim kardashian workout and I said to myself. I she can do, I can do it too. I watched what she does, how she does it and I did it too.
Each day I said I will something in order to get in better shape.
And I did. Some days it was harder as I did not get to bed untill I did some sort of exercise. But I pushed and today I am really happy.
I did it. I am now in the best shape I ever was.
Try to find your trigger. What really moves you?
Find the pain, passion inside. What do you want to look like?
Then make it happen. If I could do it, anybody could do it.

Changing routines

Nothing else changes in my life, except that I will change my diet, bit by bit. And do some kind of activity every day.
Just as long as I am making progress. Nothing else matters!!!

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