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Green tip

I re-used old lip gloss roller bottles. Cleaned them out and poured olive oil in them. Olive oil makes a great lip gloss :)

Happy Earth=Happy people

I remembered I have a fork/knife/spoon combo swiss-army-like camping thing my Grandpa gave me because I had no utensils once at work. Going to take this in my purse so I avoid using plastic utensils.
Baby steps. =D

My tinny weeny effort

Hi =D
I’m finding alternatives and/or quitting the following:
Shampoo (none--> occasionally Baking Soda/Apple Cider Vinegar)
*Soap (home-made in a glass container)
*Toothpaste (BS)
*Deodorant (BS)
*Face Wash (BS and home-made masks—honey, egg, oatmeal, etc.)
*Laundry Detergent (BS)
*Shaving Cream (Olive Oil)

Because I shave after the shower, I’ve cut my showering time down considerably.
I’m avoiding waste and keeping my body healthy.

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