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stop eating fast food

10 cheers


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Trashcan Fashionista has written 6 entries about this goal

This worked!

I have been fast food free for a month! I am checking off this goal! It feels great and I make much healthier choices now. I don’t even factor fast food into the equation when choosing what to eat :)

Stacy 4 Fast Food 1

This is the third week I’ve been fast food free! One more week to go and I can check off this goal. Another good thing is that I think I can start exercising again (slowly). Just enough to get everything moving and not sit around so much.

Stacy 3 Fast Food 1

As of right today, I’m still fast food free! I think that’s two weeks. My eating habits are getting better and I’m eating less. I think I can mark this goal completed if I’m free of fast food for one month.

Stacy 2, Fast Food 1

Okay. I was proud of myself on Monday because instead of getting fast food on our way to the airport, we got Subway. I love their veggie delight! So I am back on track and ready to rock this!

Stacy 1, Fast Food 0

I haven’t eaten fast food for a week now. This is harder for me than it sounds because I just had surgery and I can’t really cook for myself. Anyway, I am considering it one step closer to victory!

Already making compromises..

Now, I have stipulations on this one. I can eat fast food if it’s healthy (ie. Subway, salads etc). I just want to stop eating fish sandwiches, french fries, all that crap.

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