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I'm proud of...

...everyone on this site, and the support community we’ve created here.


The Games Kitchen

This was a company I sort of started when I was at university, then officially started in July 1999. It made games for mobile phones, and many of the ideas in the original business plan are only coming to market today. It ran until Sept 2004, where the story becomes somewhat less proud, but I was proud that my business partner and I were able to start at zero (no contacts, no cash, no clue) and build a company which counted Panasonic, Sega, and (my favourite) Disney as (repeat) customers.

I came up with the name and the logo (despite my lack of graphic talent). Both were instant hits wherever we went. I’m proud of that, too!

First things first: Des

I love this quote which <3 Ell!e <3 posted:

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.

I think it’s very appropriate for us: my life has changed for the better with her love and support. I’m proud of her for what she’s achieving in her life, and I love her. No “or” about it. :-D

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