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get my British passport


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I'm glad I'm not alone

in just thinking about this goal. ‘Cuz that’s where I’m at. I still think I shouldn’t have been so stupid at age 12 when I was getting my first one: I had the option to choose Canadian or British, and I chose Canadian. That was dumb. Now its gonna cost me close to $1K when I finally do get around to getting it.

At least the rules have changed back to what they were, so that I can actually have one again; for a long time I was kicking myself because children of ex-pats could only get a step up from a visa. Now I can have a passport and wave it fanatically over the heads of others. Or something.

It’s not so much for me, it’s more things like down the road when I have children who are planning to go to school – what if one of them wants to go to the UK? Or what if immigration rules change again? My children will have a dead albatross of a last name hanging around their necks; the least I can do is give them a leg up from their European ancestry.


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