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Read all the books in my "must read" pile

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Lindsey has written 5 entries about this goal


I made my list a lot smaller as I worked on this goal when I realized my list was for quantity and not quality. Once I made my list for quality, I’ve been having so much more fun with this and it seems more approachable! I just moved to a large area and I hope the local library can help me further myself in reaching my goal, so far it’s helping and I’m reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay (the book that the series Dexter was based off of), soooooo goood.

making headway...

I’ve totally immersed myself in this goal for the past 3 days and have already polished off 2 books which was fun, realizing a 3rd one wasn’t worth my time. Also realized a good portion of the books on my list are graphic arts books, which I don’t really count as actual reading!


Figured out how I’m doing this…

I checked my ‘to read’ list…realized I don’t need or want to read quite a few of the books on it, narrowed it down to about 50. Many of those are easy reads that I could probably sit in a bookstore and read. Will polish those off on a crappy afternoon soon. Will put a freeze on my reading wishlist, so I know I’m not adding to it.

Should work! I just finished off Extraordinary Groups (about groups like the Amish, the Gypsies, Hasidic Jews), and Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul by Douglas Adams. I’m quite enjoying this goal!


Oh man! I really thought the combo of me adding new books and me not finishing the books I don’t find interesting would help me slowly reach this goal. Instead, I find my list growing longer without getting smaller! And now I find Orson Scott Card and Chuck Palahnuik books slowly making their way to my list. Ahhhhh!!!

Just so everyone knows: it is not cheating if you don’t finish a book on your list if you don’t like it! Life is too short to read mediocre books. :-)

54 books?!

I’m not sure I will ever actually accomplish this goal! I have about 54 books on my list which is insane!! I’m hoping my interest in some of them wanes over time, or I find that some of these books just weren’t what I thought they’d be so I decide to read only 20 pgs of most. (I never finish books that I find boring) The growth of my list has exponentially decreased, thank god! It’d be okay if I wind up with only 5 books to read someday. :)

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