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I've started getting into Interpal-ing again

as in talking to people from around the world on the site I’ve sent a few long overdue postcards, one to WaltzingMarie on here :) Now it’s just a case of plucking up the courage to use Skype again!

What is

...going on with my flag counter? When I logged in 10 mins ago, it said ‘57 flags collected’ though it was only displaying about 54. Now, it’s reverted back to saying ‘54 flags collected.’ Confused much?!

Had my fifth Skype call today...

with Soren from Mexico. He told me that the accents of South American people vary a lot, and even he has trouble understanding the Argentinian accent. This was also my longest ever Skype call, it lasted 40 mins :)

A great free site I've found for making online friends...

is I also find is good if you’re learning a new language :)

Ok, talked to the fourth person on Skype today

A girl called Diana, also from Colombia like my friend Juan Carlos :) There were a lot of awkward pauses and parts where she didn’t understand me but overall I’d still say I enjoyed talking to her. For some reason I seem to be better at talking to guys on Skype than girls, or maybe its just that the guy (Juan Carlos) is more chatty than the girls I’ve spoken to…hmm!

Had my third Skype call...

with a girl called Elena from Ukraine :) It went pretty well, now I can say I’ve spoken to people from 3 different continents on Skype: South America (Juan Carlos, Colombia), North Africa (Kamel, Algeria) and Eastern Europe (Elena, Ukraine.) (Ok so I know North Africa and Eastern Europe aren’t continents, but you get the gist of what I’m trying to say…)

Had my second Skype phonecall today...

with my friend Kamel from Algeria (the one who said that I was rare and that most Europeans he knows hate Arabs). It went surprisingly well, I wasn’t as shy as I thought I’d be. I have to say, after years of avoiding it, I LOVE SKYPE!

Today I had my first ever Skype phone call....

with my friend Juan Carlos from Bogota, Colombia. It went much better than I expected, I really enjoyed talking to him and the conversation flowed fairly well. I really recommend Skype, if you can get over the initial nerves of letting your voice be heard by a stranger. I hope to use it again soon :)

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A song I love that reminds me of this goal

is this: I just love the lyrics, how true they are =)

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