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read all of the books i own

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Suzy has written 4 entries about this goal

This is kind of impossible...

Seeing as how I am constantly buying or trading new books with people. I give up.


I updated my list last night & there were 7 more I had sold, so I am down to 35 now. I might have to whittle this list down even more b/c a few of them are “reference books” and I’m kiddin myself if I really think I’m going to read them all cover to cover one day. ha

Still going...

So..this is taking longer than I expected. Mainly b/c I keep buying new books or borrowing them from friends & coworkers. Of my original 158, I sold 45 of them and read 71 that I still have….which leaves me with 42 still to go. sigh I will try to crack down on this list more this year…I’ve had this “thing” on here for 2 yrs now! And my list of “books I own” has grown exponentially since then…

This may take awhile...

I finally put all of my books on a friend Nikki did this so she could show me what she had in case I wanted to borrow any..I thought it was a cool idea. I know this isn’t even all of the ones I have b/c some are in totes in the garage, but I’m starting with 158. So far I’ve only read 86 of them. I figured I should quantify this goal in some way though, or I’d never be able to complete it. So for this goal..I’m sticking with the 158 on this list. :)

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