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builder's exchange.

tomorrow marks my the end of my first week at the builder’s exchange. i’ll say it now: I LOVE MY NEW JOB. so it’s safe to cross thing off.


i have my first day outfit all ready. i’ve got clean laundry and (knocks on wood) a sleeping schedule that is normal. my background check forms are in.

i’m ready to rock this joint. i’ll be perfectly ready to start when i get back from santa barbara.

starting monday.

between a mixup with the forms for my background check, the tile floor collapsing in the office and the news that my grandfather is dying my start date has moved from tomorrow to monday. it’s okay, though. probably better. now i won’t be trained for two days only to forget what i learned over the weekend.

I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the interview went so well that i received the call offering me the job an hour after i left the interview! now john and i are going to celebrate because i, oh people of the internet, am EMPLOYED!!!!!


i never heard back from the woman at canyon beachwear. which is ultimately fine with me because her interview left me with the feeling that she’s an ineffective leader. and the fact that she said the job would require being on call and available whenever the store’s open leads me to believe that she wasn’t looking for an assistant manager, she’s just looking for an assistant. aka, store bitch.

i have an interview tomorrow afternoon. and i received a call from a company that received my resume, asking to schedule an interview. one of these, i am completely gunning for. the other one i think of as a backup. either way, i need a damn job.

step 1

i faxed off a cover letter and a resume and am now hoping that my connections can pull their weight enough to get me an interview. the job seems like it’d be perfect for me. really.

oh my.

i have three leads, two rather promising. i’m nervous and excited and don’t want to say any more for fear of jinxing it.


i had an interview today at a local retail store for an assistant manager position. i think at best it went okay. the woman was quite obviously new at hiring such a position. she had a list of pre-worded questions, such as “how do you achieve teamwork on the job?” which would have been fine, except she wanted answers that were specific to the store. she asked what i would do if i saw someone shoplifting. then she told me what they do at the store if the buzzer goes off. it was all very disheartening. with a different interviewer, i would’ve nailed the position.

oh well. at least it was good practice.


this is tremendously important and thus it is number one on my list. however the past week has been so tumultuous that i’ve taken to a bit of hibernating. the introduction to zelda didn’t help, either.

point is, this will be relegated to monday. yes, monday.


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