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be a succulent wild woman

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Succulent Wild Woman

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This is so unlike me but I just spent $45 on perfume. Not much to some people but for me- a large act of both wildness and being succulent. I’ve been wanting perfume for, say 6 mos. Well, I should elaborate and say “a refill of my favorite perfume and some new stuff”... because I love perfume.

Baby steps… baby steps.

Stop Waiting!

I need to learn that I don’t need to save the good tea for “a more trying day” ; I need to stop saving my favorite bath salts for another time. I need to start doing things impulsively instead of putting them off for a more “appropriate” time- like sex, writing, and dancing out in the warm summer rain.

I tend to plan things out or have a routine. While it makes me feel safe, it also makes me feel stale sometimes. I need to be more wild, even if it’s only in one or two things. I’m not known as a wild person but then I don’t care what others think about me so much any more.

I need a little wildness…

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