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Keep my mind fluid and magical

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The Magical Pause

For me, keeping my mind fluid and magical is also about knowing when to take breathers. If you push the mind, it rebels sometimes and freezes. You have to make room for the magic to happen, to coax it along, lure it out by trusting that magic will happen if you let it.

I’ve been employing this with my writing lately and have had the most enormous breakthroughs and have been saved from many quandries by allowing the magic to come, rather than by pushing it.

Stilling the mind allows it to flow around obstacles and to transform those obstacles into opertunities.

I’m really enjoying this :D


I’ve been doing a little bit of shamanic work daily to keep the old mind magical, if not fluid. I am beginning to get my groove back, so perhaps I’ll be able to keep it. Excellent.

Nourish the Mind

I need to remember that as I nourish my body, I need to nourish my mind- not only with educational material but with wonder, creativity, and pretty colors.

I’ve been neglecting my magical mind for other things. I haven’t been creating as I should or feeding the magical parts of my psyche that allow me to feel complete.

I need to get back to poetry, to painting, and to move forward with my writing. I need to get my groove back. Maybe I’ll institute a tanka a day plan for bringing the magic back. It’s not a bad idea.

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