*HolesInMySocks* in Chester is doing 30 things including…

stop swearing


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I was doing SO well at this!! I’ve noticed that I swear more around family members. I need to stop this, especially since they are the people whom I would never want to see me swear!!

Getting better :)

I am becoming a lot better at this! I use words in replacement now and I stop myself from swearing because my mind is slowly starting to realise when I’m going to. I hope to keep this up!! :D


When I’m impatient, or angry at someone, or rushing, in all those various situations, my swearing occurs. Everybody tells me that I don’t suit it and I know that’s true. It’s incredibly unladylike, and with our vast amount of words in the English language, surely I can find a suitable replacement. :)

baby steps :)

I’ve replaced words with things like ‘poop’ and ‘darn’ i know it sounds silly but it’s a lot more polite than other words.


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