*HolesInMySocks* in Chester is doing 30 things including…

Stop eating in bed

5 cheers


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I don’t eat in bed anymore really, but I still eat in my room, which is just as bad and lazy. I only really do it when I watch television, but I don’t like crumbs and messiness in my rooms.


I don’t feel guilty when I’m doing it, but when I wake up and see the evidence on the floor, I feel really bad.

Mann I Frickin Suck!

I seriouslly need to stop this. The only way that will make me stop is if I find a mouse or something in my room….I have to stop before it gets to that!


This goal kinda…creeps me out. I duno why, but maybe it’s the things I eat in bed. Chocolate, yoghurt, smoothies. I mean…can you say WTF?


Last night I ate about 3 bars of chocolate in bed. Boohoo!:(


Usually on Fridays I stay up late on the laptop, the TV really loud, and eat tons of chocolate in bed. This usually happens from around 10.00-0.00am. Yeah, I love eating bed, but it’s gotta stop!

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