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-ate breakfast (bowl of frosted flakes-always makes me feel 10 years younger at least while eating it!)
-went to work on time (work on a saturday ick!)
-reread a book from start to finish (flowers for algernon-one of my favs)
-filled up gas tank (3rd time this week-I drive too much!)
-deposited pay check at bank (been meaning to do it all week
-ate dinner at korean restaurant (had spicy tofu soup-yum!)

so not a bad day… (yet none of the above include “started or working on or finished my homework due Monday” so I actually feel pretty bummed about my “wasted, unproductive” Saturday… oh well, I need to focus on the positive right?)


today I…

-woke up a little late but still made it to class on time (and ate breakfast-on the go in the car)

-bought the book I need to read for tomorrow’s class so I can do the reading tonight (which I already ordered it online but it’s still in transit so I’ll just return the book I bought today when it arrives)

-ate a really good dinner at Pasta Pomodoro with my little brother

-took a much needed nap once I got home and now I’m ready to actually do the reading that I bought the book for (oh homework how I hate you at times!)

now to get to work.

thanks for inviting me!

what I did well today:

-I did wake up on time AND I ate breakfast (which I usually over sleep and don’t have time for it)

-also… I went to all of my classes on time (I’m a full time student but I drive a 45-75minutes commute to and from school 5 days a week)

-I didn’t fall asleep during my afternoon classes (though I thought about it)

-and hopefully I will get some reading for Thursday’s classes done tonight!

(this was a bit challenging because I’m usually more negative with myself!)


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