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lose 50 pounds

65 cheers


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Emelle has written 14 entries about this goal

40 pounds lost

I have been pursuing this dusty old goal with renewed vigor lately. I am now 10 pounds away from completing this goal. Of course, then I will still have a few more pounds to lose, but I really, really want to be able to mark this goal done. Can I lose 10 more pounds by February?

MUST get to work on this.

I’ve lost ground again instead of losing weight. I’m back to 30 pounds lost. I’m not back to my high weight and I’m glad of that, but when I consider that losing this 50 pounds would still not put me at my ideal weight, the fact that this has been on my list for so long and hasn’t happened is shameful.

The kids are about to go back to school and since Ramona will be in full-day kindergarten, I will have plenty of time to exercise and no excuses not to. But I’m not going to wait until then to get back on track. I went on the treadmill this morning, and I’m going to go back to logging every bite I eat on Daily Plate.

This article has me extra determined.

Still working

on this. Right now I’m at 39 lbs. lost. Wow, I’d really like to lose as much as possible before we go to Cancun at the end of December, but we’re heading into the feasting-and-cookie season. I’m still hoping to lose at least 5-6 more pounds before then.

I'm back

to 30 pounds lost. I’m doing great with all four of the subgoals I set before. Feeling determined!

I'm going to do this!

I have kept off 25 pounds of what I lost initially, but I need to keep going with this. I’m going to renew my commitment to this goal, and in service to this goal, I’m going to:

(1) fill half my plate with vegetables at lunch and dinner (cruciferous, green leafy, or carrots)
(2) increase the frequency of my weight workouts
(3) keep a food log
(4) increase the length of my cardio workouts

Have I lost that eight pounds?

NO! And I gained two more to keep it company. This makes me mad. I’m hoping that the war I have declared on my “Exercise 300 Times” goal will help me with this one too.

In addition, I have to stop eating like a veal calf.

Holy cow

and I do mean cow. I gained 8 pounds during December! Bleh! I’m going on a walk.


I have continued to be so stuck on this goal, and now it is here at the top of my list. Hm. And I’ve gained 3 pounds back, too.

I’m going to
(1) leave it here at the top of my list until I lose four pounds, and
(2) use Fitday every day until I lose four pounds.

30 pounds lost

Finally! I’ve been seriously stalled on this. For awhile I think I was even in danger of regaining some, but luckily I caught myself and got back on track.

And I have to say, Fitday is such a great tool. I use it to track my exercise, and I find that when I use it to track my food, I eat much, much better. I really like the RDA analysis of the food intake, too, and the way you can even look at your diet over time and see what vitamins and minerals you consistently don’t get enough of.

Fitday was instrumental in getting me back on track. When I wasn’t losing and then was gaining, I was thinking, “I’m not eating that much,” and of course when I started logging it on Fitday I realized I was in fact on the road to regaining everything. Luckily, I made a U-turn.

Halfway Mark

I’ve lost 25 pounds.

25 more to lose to complete this goal.

I really should lose more than 25 more pounds; even when I lose 25 more pounds I’m going to be heavier than the recommended weight for my height. I originally set the 50 pound goal because it was a number that would get me to a weight that was relatively healthy and doable. I’m not going to worry about how much more to lose until I have finished this goal.

Emelle has gotten 65 cheers on this goal.


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