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get things done

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Getting Things Done

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Tomorrow's To-Do List

1. Call Boise Car Upholstery about foam padding.

2. (if that doesn’t work out…) Find cheap yoga mats.

3. Go to JoAnn Fabrics to find appropriate motorcycle seat material.

4. Figure out how to mount new art piece. Possibly at Home Depot.

5. Buy gloves.

6. Dye hair.

7. Wash dishes.

to be continued.


Today was a major day for getting things done. I deserve several high fives.


Meal plan
Update journal
Put car on craigslist
Put sewing machine on craigslist
Wash dishes
Clean tub
Wash car
Photograph bird costume


Keeping a journal is helpful. All my little projects fall through the cracks, but writing them down and keeping a series of organized lists, I can see everything at once.

I fixed a lamp shade today!

And also I washed some dishes! Not all the dishes, mind you. But at least I didn’t do zero dishes. Is this attitude permissible?

Feels good!

1. Wrote a letter
2. Cleaned up my bicycle
3. Found a birthday present for my dad
4. Returned a borrowed hat
5. Bought stamps at the post office
6. Fixed up a spare bike to sell
7. Started cleaning up the garage

Productive day!
And it’s not even 5pm!


For me, getting things done is a state of mind. It’s easiest for me to accomplish “things” as soon as I realize they need accomplishing. My down-time is more relaxing when I’m not anxious about all the things I probably should be doing.


Today was immensely productive, due in part to my many lists, kept safe in my best friend, the notebook. I think it was also due to my attempting to change my attitude by reading over some notes to myself whenever I’m feeling disconnected. It’s helping!

I cleaned out so many closets today. Tomorrow, the desk. The garage is taunting me. He’s next.

Lists, Lists

Time to keep myself on track, in all aspects.
I am attempting to do so now by organizing my time and space, documenting projects, and keeping detailed lists of To-Dos, To-Gets, and To-Remembers.

eMJerk has gotten 12 cheers on this goal.


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