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Develop a morning routine

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I’ve developed a pretty solid, albeit brief morning routine. I think now I should start setting my alarm for slightly earlier each day to be able to have time for stretching and preparing for the day before work.


I’m doing pretty great at this, I think. Since I stopped snoozing for a half hour, I’ve had plenty of time to make breakfast and wake up fully before work.

I think I’m actually less tired later when I get up at my first alarm than I am when I snooze.

Who knew.


So far, I haven’t exactly developed a routine, but I have been consciously better about getting out of bed reasonably soon after my first alarm, and truly, that’s the hardest part of my morning, so I’m hoping it only gets easier.

I can stick to goals. I will stick to goals.

No more hitting snooze for a half hour then being rushed and nearly late every day.

I believe it’s time I relearn how to wake up and mean it.

Starting tomorrow (or maybe the next day… ha), I plan to begin each day by:
Hitting snooze no more than once
Doing at least a few minutes of yoga/stretching
Taking a vitamin
Eating breakfast
Writing a to-do list for the day

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