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learn to drive

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maybe one step closer to this tomorrow, i have my theory test. I am going to stay calm and i will be fine, i know it! Wish me luck. Then after this is out the way i can have a nice relaxing weekend yay.


i HAVE to get this bloody theory out the way!! The longer i leave it, the more its going to cost me!

next weeks goal...

learn my stuff for my theory test and look at booking it at the end of the week. The sooner i can get this out the way the sooner i can book my test and start doing 2 lessons a week.
Its going to cost me a fucking bomb, but i think its what i need to do and it will be the only way i end up passing. Gees 4 hours a week, that should get me ready in 6 weeks hopefully. Fingers crossed.
The sooner i pass, the sooner i can save as much as i can and be driving :D


Confused about this one atm. However I am going to book my theory in the next few days for about the 8th/15th July.
Then I will want to be taking my test for about the 1st week in September. Then hopefully I will be able to pay for 2 lessons a week, every week till then so its out the bank and out the way.

Then I will know that the money in the bank is purely for the car and insurance. I need to save as much as possible and hope to be driving for October time… lets hope. Take it one step at a time.


so i need to get on this theory. I try, but its hard to get into it. And today I am just SO tired I cant manage to do anything. Going to do some tonight and over the next few days, then i would like to book it in the next 2 weeks.After that I am going to book my practical and start doing two lessons a week.


I am really bad at getting this goal complete. I still have not got my theory stuff, I WILL do this tomorrow!!
Then i want to be revising and have taken it by the end of June, then i have July and August to do as many lessons as i can afford and take and pass my test. I really want to be driving by the end of Aug. Might be possible :/ Lol

So if i get my books and DVD tomorrow, I may be able to take it by the end of june then it gives me 8 weeks to take my test, thats my target. Who knows if i will stick to it though, Still need to work as much as i can to get the money to do all of this!


Time to get serious about this, getting my theory stuff tomorrow. Want to have taken that in a few weeks time. By middle of June, then i can just work on lessons and get that booked!

Money money money :( Aaah well, want to be driving by sept!


might have to cancel my driving lesson this week due to school commitments. This is very annoying as i thought i was doing really well last lesson. My main goal now is to get my theory out of the way!! i will ask the boyfriend to help me on this one!


getting there. This goal is something that i need to do allong with two others. They are get a car and save money.
I need to do all three of these things for univeristy next year.
ATM i am doing good, i am on track to passing at least 2 or three months befor ei go to univeristy and that then gives me a while to save for a car and get insurance ect. ATM i am feeling very confident about it and its going well. I only have £360 in the driving fund though so i am going to need to start megger saving! :) wish me luck

this is what i want to do for new years

I am hoping to go to university in september, and i hope to be moving to one thats no more than an hour/hour and a half away from my boyfriend in a car. So i figure if i get my licance and a car before uni it will be easier for me, and i will get to see him more because i only see him once every 2 weeks atm.
So i am going to start learning in January and i want to be passed and have a car by September. HA a lot to ask i know, but i want to set my standards high!
So i have about £400 in the bank to start me off. At first i will do a couple of lessons paying as you go to see if i like the instructor. And then i will buy a bulk of say 10 hours and maybe do 2 a week or something like that and keep saving as much as i can. Hmm it will be hard, but i will keep you all updated :)

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