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10. Sausage & tortellini stew. as found in family circle magazine. with a few changes. more meat, not turkey sausage because we like beef, and less vegies. still a lot of veggies, but an entire package is too many greenbeans. oh, and a few different seasonings. it was great. my husband went back for seconds. so did i. my meatballs are still best, but this was definitely good, and i would cook this for people if i had people over. it’s easy and delicious! and i’m done! finally :).


9 Spaghetti With Meatballs. Homemade sauce, and homemade meatballs. I’m awesome sometimes. Not often, but on occasion.
Note: Apparently cooking good food means I get no leftovers for myself :(. He took ALL the leftovers to work! Probably enough for three people! LOL.


so i’m soooo close only two more. and then i can go through and find the meals that weren’t really excellent, just pretty good, and make more meals to replace those…or i could just finally count this goal as done and start a new one. i’m going to try to make three new things today that we can have in the next three days, so hopefully two of those things are excellent :).


8. made penne with vodka sauce. it was delicious. and super easy. and soooooo good. want to learn how to make foccacia next. but i’m not sure how that will go. i’m hoping to knock a few out this week. after making my own sauce…it was delicious…and feeling the satisfaction of making something so good, and easy it’s a good feeling, and i’d like it more often. :).


made excellent hot wings. easy. make sauce. throw in crockpot over wings. cook all day. not the way to cook wings if you want them to stay on the bone, i however, really just want buffalo sauce taste and to be able to eat my wings with a fork. yeah.


3 very much doesn’t count. It’s not excellent. so back to the number 7 still! Ah. haha. but regardless …7, Costolette Di Manzo Triato. Basically little fried meatloafs. haha. but good. very good. not to mention i had this served with ricce ready for jon when he got home from work. i’m a good wife sometimes.


Garlic Onion Rosemary Pork Chops. Easy. Good. I’d say I made up the recipe but I bet there’s one that looks just like it already on the internet somewhere. But I didn’t look at it before preparing this meal, I made it up as I went along. Turned out well

I also have to say this is only number seven still because the hamburger stew wasn’t so excellent. it was edible but that’s as good of a review as i’m giving it.

number 4 through 8

4. Hamburger stew. it’s good and I made it. oh and easy. I’m all for easy. cook hamburger. peel and boil potatoes. throw in a can of peas and a bullion cube. done and delicious.
5. made some delcious chili.
6. bar-b-que slow cooked chicken. i don’t love it but jon did. i just don’t like bar-b-que but it was apparently very good.
7. carribean jerk chicken. marinade then cook. easy delicious.
8. ginger garlic chicken.
update: the ginger garlic chicken was gross and icky. the rest delicious though. especially the carribean jerk chicken. my husband LOVED it. :). so i’m back down to 7 but i’m on my way.

i’m on my way :).


made frenches onion chicken it’s very good. and easy. with mashed potatoes. loved it. number 3.


I made chicken and sausage etoufee. Well, it was more like a gumbo. But it was SUPER easy and DELICIOUS. He even brought it for lunch today! So I’m counting this as the real number 2.

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