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Get my BMI to 23

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So I'm...

working on this…again. without going gluten free, because obviously my husband isn’t behind me on that. I’m just going to eat… less. I hope. It’s hard, because I might have previously mentioned, I have no will power… but I know I can do it, and 2014 will be my year.


Why is it that every time I start to talk about going gluten free my husband and mother in law insist on making tons of things with noodles? Grr. I don’t help myself with my very weak will power.
I’m going nowhere as far as this goal goes, but I am going to keep at it. I think I can get there one day, I just need to try harder. Even though I’m still… and it seems like eternally… frustrated. I’ll figure it out.


It’s been really frustrating lately, when your work gets you nowhere. I work out, I eat better than I used to. I’m not giving up, but I’m just feeling a bit frustrated with this whole thing today.

That said, I’m cutting out soda. I think it will help, and I’ve been wanting to do it for some time. I don’t need it. I don’t even want it that much, so why do I keep drinking it? No more for now.


Well, I’m closer than last time!!

Not much. But a little bit each week is better than 0.

I have a ways to go to get to my goal, but I’m feeling motivated lately.

No progress

still… I’m working on it but no progress.


Ugh. still working on this. It’s starting to feel insurmountable. I can only do so much. I’m going to keep working at lowering my weight but I’m starting to feel really discouraged. Hopefully it will start falling off in October. Right. But hey, maybe my body will be like “oh hey, yeah you’re eating healthy and working out. I will show appreciation by lowering your weight”. My body is weird. It even talks weird.


Well, I’ve done badly at this goal. However, I continue to try. I am currently gluten free. Not to lose weight, but that is resulting. Hopefully I can keep it up with the losses and get there by my goal date.


That’s how I’ve been feeling lately.
Seriously. I can’t seem to lose any weight right now. I am trying to change and become more healthy but it’s erally discouraging when I see no progress for about a month. I will continue to work on it, but that doesn’t mean I’m not frustrated to not see results.
I started a new thirty day program this morning, and I hope this new stuff will snap me out of this plateau I’m at. I also have an appointment with my dr. on Monday because I’ve been exhausted—like so tired I can hardly make it home at night. If it’s a thyroid problem (like I suspect) there’s medication that can help all of my problems. Granted, I’m not going to stop and give up this lifestyle either way, I just want to be at my best… and if that means medication to make me awake enough to get through my day and work out a little more even, then I’m willing to do it, because I can’t go through life feeling this damn sick and tired.


In a month I went down to 26.1, it’s not amazing but I’m feeling okay about that. I’m sure muscle weighs more than fat and I MUST have gained some muscle in this month and since the BMI is based on weight… yes this is where I’m going with this. So anyhow, I lost more this month than last it appears and I’m on my way down. Still a long ways to go though, so hopefully I can get there this year!

I'm down to

26.95 from 27.76 since Jan. 16, so this will take a while, but I’m dedicated to making this work.

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