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Strange thing happened this morning. I should start by saying that I have been watching The Secret, visualizing my best life… So, this morning, I somehow miraculously woke up at 5:45. I have not willingly and happily gotten up before 11am for the past couple of years. at least. seriously. But, I woke up. I wasn’t tired at all. and I just lay there thinking. Hm. If I were to get up now, I would be able to make myself a nice breakfast, I could go to yoga… run some errands… do all the things that I, as my best self, would do. So I got up. This is amazing. I won’t check this off my list just yet, but I feel like it’s as good as done!

9:30, 11:30

Still no routine. I’m all over the place! I think I need one thing in the morning to jumpstart my day. I just discovered that a friend of mine (who is actually quite normal!) downs a shot of liquor every morning. Hilarious. I don’t think I will do this exactly, but it got me thinking!

10:30, 12:30

This isn’t going so well so far. I usually get up really early, but then just go back to sleep. I think the main thing is to just get up when I wake up. Seems simple enough… but it’s just not.

11:30 am

I will be recording every day what time I get up in the morning, and if I am up in the morning, how I spend that time. Ideally, I will get up at 8:30, fit in some breakfast, exercise, planning my day, emails, finances, cleaning, organizing, work stuff… This should really be the most productive time of the day. Currently, I spend my evenings doing chores and such, but I think they give me energy, I get munchy, and end up staying up really really late, then I get up really really late. This is a bad cycle. bad.


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