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Lifes not perfect, but it would be pretty boring if it were wouldn’t it? I perfer the dirty not so great parts of life sometimes. it reminds you that things could always be worse, that God has not forgotten you, cuz he tests and disciplines those he loves. Life is messy, nobody is perfect and thats the way God planned it. You are going to mess up, and thats ok. the Lord has an infinte mercy that is beyond our human understanding. Remember to always pray at all times! to get into heaven you have to have faith in Jesus Christ, our saviour. Remember that He is always with you, there is ABSOLUTLY NOTHING you can do that will make Him disown you, EXCEPT not acknowledge who He is, and what He did for you! Murders, rapists, pastors, and nuns. We are all his children and are ALL equally sinners and are ALL equally unworthy of His mercy. And yet He extends it to us all for nothing but for a special place in your heart. Live like theres no tomorrow, cuz it is not grantuteed. Live like you never met a stranger and share your faith every chance you get!


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