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so out of my element.

i feel so out of place here…it’s nothing like i thought it would be. it’s consequently affecting my schoolwork, which sucks. someone once said, “es el tonto que no puede volver al lugar de su felicidad pasada.”

i need to get back to that place.

the purpose driven.

i’m the typical student at uni: got too caught up with academics, etc. to go to church and even pray. actually, that’s a lie; freshman year i actually tried to go to church every week, and did 95% of the time. i’m now in my 2nd year, and i’m lost on my christian walk. i don’t go to church while at uni, and only when i’m home for the hols, etc. i know i have to go, there’s no excuse. i have to learn the power of prayer again, and the desire to get back on track in my christian life. these days, i only pray when i need something from God, or if i’m having a rough day. it’s like i’m in high school again, praying for that A+ on my A.P. chem exam. how juvenile! maybe i need to read a great book again, like the purpose driven life. or maybe i’ll have an epiphany one morning.

regardless, i need my faith back. sometimes, it’s all we have.


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