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name my tape worm and teach him to do tricks with my colostomy bag

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The esteemed Timmy the tapeworm

has been long neglected. He’s quietly feeding, growing strong, thinking, writing a scholarly article for The Journal of Ireproducable Results. It’ll be dedicated on the frontispiece he says: Canada. Virgin turf. Wide open. Where he can be free. To sit on fences in all their forms.

He left a note in the bag for me today. I think it is a warm-up, a sign of confidence that more is within me, more to be learned: RECTUM? It’ll almost KILLED him!

HA! That sly Timmy! Never and always feeding! Canada is right for him!

Timmy popped into the bag last night.

He’s an eavesdropper of the first order. One hint of parasite and he’s all ears, in his limited earless way.

Ratty said “Somebody told me they don’t eat cod because of cod worms.”

“What? But I love cod!”

The the search was on. Cod. White fish. Sword fish. Salmon. They ALL get parasites. The internet is LOADED with images and stories of worms falling out of raw fish, being discovered in cooked fish, on and on. YCHHhhhhhhh

Turns out worms are as prevalent ast garden insects on salads, and no more or less dangerous if the food id properly prepared. Better to look at your fish before you cook it and don’t even get me started on the amount of insect is allowed into our flour.

Show’s over Timmy. Move along now. Nothing to see here.

Timid Timmy poked up tonite.

Lotta Mexican lately. Thank you!

I spoke in his retreat: New Mexican, fellow traveller. Say it right. You are welcome.

Out of sorts, I sent Timmy the Tepid Tapeworm

deep into the workings with a tool box, flash light, and decoder ring.

He came back later in a ball cap and laughed. “Nothin’ too much sleep won’t fix!”

Then he peeled off my sweat-soaked tee-shirt, blew the colostomy bag up and twisted it into the shape of a leaping Rat Terrier, one with one ear that folds forward in the shape of a grin halfway up, and showed me the dawn of a new post-apocalypso day.

Thanks Timmy!

Doncha just wish it would go away?

Big news on the nuke problem!? Did not hear? it bears repeating: _ the prime minister would instruct plant operator Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) to set target dates for when it would halt the radiation leakage as well as restore the cooling systems._

Why is the energy industry never really forthcoming? Why does media swallow? Now this is a goal? Now this is news? Huh!

He poked me in my sleep.

I murmmered, stirred. He told me “Nat, rhymes with Rat. It’s not Timmy the Timid anymore. I am no longer Timid.” I told him “Go away. You are disturbing me.” He said he would go but I didn’t believe. This tapeworm never really goes anywhere. I left a cookie for him before I drifted off again.

Timmy the tepid tapeworm

surprised me with a yarn ball of varicose veins. I checked my legs and what nots, never having seen any on me and when I turned to him to inquire about his acquisition he dipped his head knowingly, swinging it back and forth like Gromit.

I had not seen them because he had been gathering them! Of Course!

The realization walloped me like spring love: I had been mistrusting, suspicious.

Timmy ignored me, went back to inventing algorithms for socio-economic development in climate change opportunities. This worm has a future you know.

When that ham and salam and monterey jack

sandwich hit the tract, Tim swooned mightily, even toppled in affection and love. (I know the feeling. I loved that sandwich too!)
He rallied himself enough to put on a crown, lean forward into the colostomy bag and with arms spread wide shouted


is timid so it is appropos

I want him/her stage struck though, a real pre-former. I’ll start with cookies as training bait….

is that Grace I heard?

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