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Get my weight to a level where I can be the best Jockey in the world!!!!

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I love life.

I love the energy, colour, motion of the world we live in. I want to be healthy and strong and thrive in it.

THEY are helping me. They never notified me that I won the Win Your Weight In Meat contest.

Golly I wanted that! I wanted to look like Governor Christy. My hopes were REALLY high. I’da worn lead underwear, you know, fer the Weigh In. I’da even expressed gratitude, politeness!

But I got nothin. Not even a “sorry to inform you….”

I'm fighting winter lethargy

this year. I will exercise well and regularly. I swear it.

I stepped on a scale last week for the first time

in a thousand days.

David Byrne rang in my head Same as it ever was, Same as it ever was. I chopped down my left arm with my right hand, gave my forehead a knock, and said “There. done.”

I don't have a scale but I saw, today,

a historic six pack. It’s still there! And I’ma gonna dig it out some more for muh self and muh best friend and partner.

She’s got one too ya know. We’ll make a 12 pack!

the new mexican cook book diet is working

I am down ten pounds

The North Beach

Bacon diet. MMmmmmmmmm A Banana Belt love affair.

I feel slimmer

I think I look slimmer too.

two point five miles at a

hard steady clip. A soaked shirt again. I weigh the same of course.

Maybe the muscle content is increasing while the flab decreases. I feel better anyway.

Twice the progress

if I change the goal to say “the two best jockeys and what the heck, their horses too.”

5 pounds lighter

stopped eating like I did

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