ericeric in Chicago is doing 40 things including…

Have my wisdom teeth taken out

3 cheers


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ericeric has written 2 entries about this goal

Finally at age 38

What the heck was I waiting for?
2 weeks of pain afterward but I’m so glad they’re gone.

Now I need..

the wisdom to know when I should do this. I don’t think the dentist is going to say when. They’ll make a suggestion here or there, but they won’t say you HAVE TO do this now.

I should coordinate this goal around the time of year when I am most vunerable to overeating. That would be from January through December though so that really doesn’t narrow it down for me!
Just the thought of it makes me wince. Ouch!

ericeric has gotten 3 cheers on this goal.


I want to:
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