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my life has been such that

i do understand so much more than i can ever write about or even put to words

why he has been so thoughtless...

i give him everything i can & ask for so little in return…when i do ask for something, it’s typically something that would mean so much to me (like the necklace his parents gave me…it’s very pretty, very simple, but means the world to me) instead he gives me things that mean nothing or that i could buy for myself & feel better about having it…he’s hurt me very deeply with this & i can’t even say anything because i don’t know exactly how to say it…i think he knows but i’m not sure.
it’s also been a crazy week at work & i know he thinks my tears are related to that, but i wouldn’t be so upset if he had at least given me something that meant something or at least showed he cares…
if he had given me something that wasn’t expensive but very meaningful, i would have been ecstatic…but he didn’t…he just threw some things in a gift bag, no tissue paper, no card, no effort, no thought, nothing…i feel so terrible inside & have a very hard time not crying about it
it’s not a good sign when more thought, love, and effort went into a gift from your in-laws than the one from your husband

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