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Lack of inspiration

I gave up on this quite a long time ago. I kept having to take pictures of my desk, or something on a train or whatever. It got boring for me, so I quit it.

I probably do take more photos now than I did before I started the project, so I’m not too sad about failing it. I don’t think I’ll try it again for a while though.

63/365 - Lizz

Lizz and I went for a walk in the woods and I took this picture of Lizz shortly after she took her Project 365 picture. :)

62/365 - Cat grass

I was in B&Q with Dave and we were looking at seeds. Most of the packets have the plant as the main focus of the picture, and so I thought this one was rather funny.

Grow your own cat, from seed!

61/365 - Can ducks climb trees

No, ducks can’t climb trees. Why would they need to be able to though? They can fly!

I have no idea what this duck thought it was doing, but it just stayed there.

60/365 - Funeral

It was Dave’s mum’s funeral. I didn’t know what to take a picture of until Dave sat down on the horse ride.

59/365 - Nice clouds

I saw these clouds as I was walking into the train station. They were so nice looking that I walked back out and took this picture.

58/365 - Bagel and bacon face

I made a face using my bagel and bacon. Exciting!

57/365 - Seed trays

Planted some red onions and these are the seed trays. I forgot to take a picture until very late at night, so it’s not very good quality. I was too tired to bother with a better one.

56/365 - Moon, star, Sainsburys, Lizz

Took this with my phone before buying a chicken in the supermarket.

55/365 - Lengthy window instructions

I went to Dave’s dad’s house and got to look around for the first time. I noticed the sticker on the window and thought it was a bit lengthy for such a simple instruction.

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