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listen to all the joy electric albums in my itunes


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I haven’t really been doing this consistently, like one album a week, or anything like that. But I’ve listened to a lot. I’ve gotten a lot of good music recently and I’ve been listening to those consistently.
I got the new Blessed By a Broken Heart (which I plan on buying as soon as it comes out) and a bunch of Living Sacrifice stuff.
I’ll knock this goal out soon enough though. I love JE


I listened to the first of 17 JE albums all at once on Sunday. I was gonna listen to one a week cuz I figured I wouldn’t have time to sit down and listen to a whole album all at once. But I was IMing my mom on Sunday and listened to this weeks album all at once. Ah well….
I’ll just listen to this one over and over this week. Cuz it’s really good.

cheers, kyle again

Kyle gave me a lot of his not-secular music over Thanksgiving break and I just realized I now have a whole freaking lot of Joy Electric. I love JE and now I have a lot of it! I think I’m gonna make a point to listen to one album a week. It says I have 17 albums but 4 of those are actually just single songs so I can throw those in with other albums. I have 13 weeks of Masters left. So by the time I listen to all the albums, I’ll be done! WOOHOO!!
This is gonna be a fun goal. I cold just listen to all of them today but you can’t have too much of a good thing. Plus, 10.8 hours of synth pop could make my ears bleed.


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