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I am 10 pounds away from my goal. I’m at a normal BMI. People tell me I look hot, but not thin, which I guess I am okay with, I don’t really want to go for that anyway. I look strong, and that’s fine with me. I’m down 40 pounds from this time last year, so that’s pretty damn good.

Run Run Run!

You know what’s an excellent weightloss strategy? Training for a marathon. OOF.

At least I’m getting somewhere this time! :)

Numerically challenged

The more I work out, the more I weigh. My clothes fit differently, but the scale reads the same or higher. It’s frustrating. My doctors tell me that active overweight people are better off than non-active “skinny” people but the fact that they still label me as overweight is what bothers me—I’m really only 5 lbs above a normal BMI. An should I really care about a BMI if I can legpress 300 lbs and run a 5K in under 27 minutes? And am hour and a half at the gym 3 times a week MINIMUM is the norm to me not the exception, does that sound like “overweight” to you? Is my health really at risk here? This chick certainly doesn’t think so (http://blog.twowholecakes.com/2010/12/statistics-and-smokescreens-on-fat-as-a-threat-to-national-security/).

But they’re doctors and I’ll keep trying if they really think I should. In the summer when it is easier to run around outside I usually, and in this case absolutely will, shed 5+ lbs anyway, but for now, I don’t know. It is depressing in these winter months. It’s not the food, its not the exercise, and it is finally not all the endocrine issues, so what does that leave? I’m at a loss…except not.


Finals were rough. Between studying, applying to grad, and not having time to run, I think I gained some weight back (ok, maybe not think, know.) Maybe just a few discouraging pounds.

But I got back home and back to the gym and not only did I see the number I was at from october again, but I passed it on my way down! So yes, this is slow, but it is happening, which is more than I can say for any other intentional attempt! It is true that I see gains all the time (I drink a lot of water, I work out a lot) but the overall trend now is downward and that’s really inspiring. It may take a few weeks to see anything (three in my case) but intense cardio + reasonable eating= eventual success!

Now I just have to keep it up when I go back to school.

We can do this, guys!

On a mission

In my favor: I already run at least 20 miles a week, sometimes way more. I eat well, always whole grain, lots of veggies, only lean proteins. I’ve seen a nutritionist who swears I’m doing everything right… except that I am always hungry and yet can’t lose weight without feeling like I am starving. I have a lot of stress. And PCOS.

So I guess I am not really surprised my doctor finally started taking a medical approach to this. Hooray metformin? Let’s hope it works. I am 8 lbs closer to my goal and it’s been two months :)

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