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Evie has written 68 entries about this goal

Ugh, not so good yesterday.

Seems I’m out of habit at list-following as well as list-writing :-p Today will be better.

  • undone things from yesterday’s list
  • hardware store
  • office errand
  • groceries
  • work on assignment

Badly out of the to-do list habit.

So much so that in spite of a nagging loads-of-things-I-should-be-doing feeling, I’m struggling to think of anything to actually put on a list. Ummm…

  • laundry
  • ironing
  • MHK
  • call hardware store to see if they’re open deferred till tomorrow so I can do another errand somewhere that definitely isn’t open today
  • if so, go buy fluorescent light tube thingy and battery tomorrow
  • email Al.
  • email As.
  • make smoothie
  • make yoghurt
  • make bread
  • put podcasts on mp3 player
  • deal with broken mirror frame
  • start considering thinking about beginning assignment :-p

It’s a start. None of those things will really advance The Project, of which more anon, but at least it’s somewhere to start tomorrow without having to sit around all morning waiting for my brain to wake up enough to plan.

Tues 24/5

Sigh. Post-visit-from-beloved dejection, don’t feel like doing anything. Must keep busy.

  • gardening: assess damage from weekend storms, rescue whatever needs rescuing, plant more bedding to replace ones eaten by snails (bastards :-p ), garlic spray, weeding
  • investigate making yoghurt
  • ironing, at least some
  • eat well and drink enough water
  • plan something nice for dinner, have early evening with movie and glass of wine

Weekend 14-15/5

And another list, just so all the stuff I need/want to do that isn’t going to get done today can stop floating round my head.

  • call Gran
  • call Mom
  • email Al.
  • talk to Am. (fingers crossed for skype, yay!)
  • order bellydance DVD
  • post garden photos
  • earth up potatoes
  • plant out beetroot, alyssum
  • deadhead bluebells, roses
  • cut grass
  • make garlic spray
  • freeze bolognese, turkey, banana bread, gougeres
  • put away clean laundry (may involve large-scale reorganisation of closet)
  • clean bathroom
  • vacuum x2
  • wash floors x2
  • ironing
  • MH back Sun pm, get milk/bread, bake something?
  • something active
  • something creative
  • journal

Fri 13/5

So much time, so little to do. Wait, uh…

  • call Little Bro
  • vacuum
  • other housework
  • grocery shopping
  • make cheese puffs
  • shower/beautify
  • T’s house by 7
  • dust
  • plant rocket
  • make bolognese
  • pier walk? (call D.)

Going to see my beloved this evening, yay!

Boy oh boy do I have a lot to do first, though.

  • breakfast
  • last-minute laundry
  • fix phone if possible (touch-screen has become un-touchy) Not possible. Waahh.
  • check in
  • pack
  • Big Bro at 10 for computery stuff/cat transport
  • cats to dad’s, pick up netbook/disk/CDs/notebooks
  • lunch
  • call D.
  • earth up potatoes
  • prick out tomato seedlings (into what? aargh!)
  • ...find something to plant tomatoes in!
  • plant more rocket seeds
  • pot on peas?
  • tidy kitchen x2 (clean coffee machine!)
  • clear out fridge
  • take out trash
  • if time, vacuum & wash floor
  • transfer music to mp3 player
  • leave by 18.45

If anyone sees my motivation could they send it this way please?

Just put some get-up-and-go oils in the burner, hopefully they’ll have some effect by the time I finish making this list.

  • contact mom
  • contact Big Bro
  • PO/dad’s (pick up books)
  • bank/pay bill
  • laundry
  • trash/litter/recycling
  • dishes/tidy kitchen (x2)
  • vacuum
  • change sheets
  • more laundry
  • yet more laundry
  • ironing
  • slice & freeze turkey
  • plan meals for rest of week (use up perishables before going away)
  • go for walk? (contact D.)

But first, breakfast. And more coffee.

FTF FFS! :-p
  • grocery shopping
  • laundry
  • vacuum & wash floor
  • kitty litter
  • MHK
  • dishes
  • scour sink
  • take out trash & recycling
  • clean bathroom
  • change sheets
  • cook 2 turkey steaks, freeze the rest
  • make salad for tomorrow
  • pack picnic stuff
  • college open evening 6pm
  • bed by 10pm

FTF Weds 25/8
  • move
  • stretch
  • smoothie
  • squat
  • dailies – vacuum, kitty litter, dishes, MHK
  • laundry
  • ironing
  • bank closes at 4, not 4.30… oops
  • pump up bike tyres gah, pump is useless – need to get better one
  • arrange lift to get cat litter
  • set up webcam
  • email A.
  • stitch velcro onto shower curtain
  • order furminator
  • order contacts
  • order TM
  • set up VP a/c

FTF Weds 11/8

Posting now for tomorrow – busy day ahead and if I write things down as I think of them I can stop trying to remember them! Might even get a little ahead of myself this evening. Off to see my beloved tomorrow :D

  • move
  • stretch morning/evening
  • smoothie
  • squat
  • dailies – vacuum, kitty litter, dishes, MHK
  • take out trash & recycling
  • fix light timer
  • freeze korma
  • finish packing
  • pack up cat stuff
  • shower & prettify
  • leave flat tidy so it’s nice to come home to
  • ready to be picked up by 6

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