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learn how to knit

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I Still Can!

So I brought a couple of knitting needles and some yarn to work with me tonight, and I remember both the knit and the purl stitch! It came back really quickly, just like riding a bike! :) So I’m considering this done

Have I completed this?? We'll see!

So I have finished two scarves in the past, and then for some reason I just stopped. I think I’m going to bring some knitting to work tonight and we’ll see how it goes. If I can remember the two basic stitches I learned before then I guess I’m still on track. I want to pick this up again a bit more once I’m out of school… My goals within my goal are to make my stitches more even and to learn how to switch colours.


I was having some trouble with the instructions in the book, so my friends mom helped me get started! I know how to do the basic stitches, but still havent quite qrapped my head around the casting on and casting off part. But I’ll get there!!


I was really excited about this! So i bought some needles and yarn, and a handy how to type book, and I’m all set to start, and since I have the whole day off tomorrow, I might as well get started! :D


When I do, I’m making a Harry Potter scarf…

maybe, if i learn fast enough, I could have it made for when I get the last book. except for that will be in july, so a wooly scarf may be inappropriate. We’ll see…

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