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find the meaning of life


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And having realized that...

I can consider this done even if it will, somehow, never be :))


I noticed that this is something that everyone probably goes through at least once in one’s life. And ones/my answers to this will evolve as I evolve. For now the meaning of my life for me is to find my meaning and it would help a tremendously if i schedule this just like any other activity. I have had this realization before in a different flavor. I suppose it’s all about remembering.

The other practical steps I can do is setup reminders in different ways and media to remind myself of this important realization. This reminds me so much about the Ricky Fitts when he was showing his soon to be gf, Jane Burnham the most beautiful Video he was ever able to record. It was so deep! Hits you to the core! At least that’s how much it affected me. These are actually modern zen parables which I recommend to anyone open enough to want ultimate freedom.

To whoever is reading this, may I suggest two books that i have read and have always had a copy off: One is Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse and the other is The Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment by Thaddeus Golas I have hard copies of these but I think they are freely available in the net :)

I think it was the Buddha who said it best when he said “it doesn’t matter how long you’ve forgetten, only how soon you remember.” :D


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