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I wrote this down in 2006 and since then, I’ve been to Australia, all ASEAN member countries, as well as Hong Kong and Macau.

One more target down

Unless I count my trip to Singapore as another international trip, I’m all done with this goal. But since I don’t count it, I still have to travel out of the country before the year ends.

P.S. Bohol was gorgeous!

Gave up on one. For now.

So the goal for 2006 was to travel to two international destinations, and 2 domestic destinations. I count my Thailand and Singapore trip as 1 because I’ve already been to Singapore before. But technically, that’s still 2 countries. So yay.

So if I count that as two, that means I only need one more domestic destination to meet this goal. I am currently holding tickets to Cebu (which I went to last March), which I’m using as a jump off point for Bohol.

I actually have an opportunity to travel with a friend out of the country, but I’m passing on it, since I need a camera (or so I say) than I need another trip.

The end is near?

If things go as planned, I might be accomplishing this goal before my birthday. Yay!

Cebu: Check!

I’ve been to Cebu and back. Yay!

Now just one more domestic trip, and I’m halfway done through this goal.


Those PALakbayan packages are looking interesting. Damn this time pressure…the low season packages ends this March 31st. After that, the prices shoots up significantly.

To take this promo or not? Granted, my sister has this gift certificate, but she’s hesistant about flying to the destination, since we have to shoulder the airfare. So there’s a chance we’ll just end up going to Baguio, and I’ll hate myself if I didn’t avail of the promo package in the hopes of using her freebie and just ending up in Baguio.


It's time for action

I’ve always said I love to travel, I like travelling and I want to travel. It’s all talk.

Now that I’m making enough to save money to finance my trips, I think it’s high time I start travelling, rather than just talking about it.

As of this impulsive moment, my target are:

Two overseas trips
Trip Number One has already been planned, and the first set of tickets have already been purchased. I just need to actually go on that trip, assess the damage on my bank account, and plan for my next trip.

I’m thinking an early birthday present? Hmmmm. Sounds good.

Two domestic trips
I’m very ashamed to admit that I haven’t travelled in my country as much as I would have liked. Shame, shame, shame.

My sister won a gift certificate for free accomodations in various hotels and resorts around the country. So that’s already one trip down. We’d probably go late April or early May, while her daugthers are vacationing with their dad. If not, we’ll do the trip in June since the certificate will expire sometime in July.

Another option is Corregidor, since I haven’t really seen much of the island during my first trip there. Plus, it’s terribly picturesque. The question is, to travel alone or to drag somebody to come with me? Hmmmm.

Trizha and I have also discussed going to Siargao. I’m having second thoughts about that since it’s going to be a bit pricey and I have plans on another overseas trip. We’ll see.

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