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take myself seriously as a musician

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having listened to a youtube recording of “claire de lune”, i feel as close to falling in love with a piece of classical music as i ever have.

i have the sheet music. i want to learn it in the next two weeks.

it’s such a relief to care about something so much, to be willing to work on it so much and for it to be so rewarding. it’s the opposite of depression: passion. yay.


going beautifully…david and i recorded 3 songs which are AWESOME and i’m training myself to read notes snappy and fast like him. i’m learning the moonlight sonata and thinking of getting my guitar back one of these days.


i might actually finally do that which i have been meaning to do for 9 gazillion years! TONIGHT! stay tuned!

totaly not happening =(

my discipline is shot to hell, i never practice for my piano lessons…but it’s getting better. and i’ve been listening to my dad’s jazz LPs and christmas cassette tapes- they make me happy. “christmas in carrick” anyone?

dave finally recorded his piano songs! and he gave them to me!


oho! i have a new piano teacher, and she doesn’t take shit, so i’m actually learning! and she’s awesome!! i’m learning epic-sounding piano pieces. and the circle of fifths. theory. julia sent me vanessa carlton sheet music today!!! dude! best girl ever! i performed at iona, in vermont, at nickerson and at cape cod. it’s been sweet.

i need to devote more time to guitar! i played and sang for my spanish class yesterday! it was cool.

learning new songs= love

i learnt the fingerpicking for “such great heights” by the postal service, and i can sing and play it at the same time, and it makes me happy.

also i recently played “good riddance” by green day at a talent show and a cool woman sang.

also i’m learning “ascension” by david leach.

and my homies at f&w were appreciative of my musical skillz, though i totally made a fool of myself at the talent show.

i have recommendations of guitar songs to learn from edinburgh david. sweet.

i have decided to become a guitarist again.


well, i spent all day yesterday with dahveed the bassman, learning this drop dead gorgeous piano piece that he wrote, and i learned a little about soloing and blues scales and pentatonicness.

an awesome development.

now i have a total of 6 instruments (though in various states of repair)

eeee! so my dad came to pick me and my mom up from the airport and he was like, i have a surprise for you, and when we got home, he found a keyboard in the trash!!! it only has 4 octaves but still!!! now i can play piano late at night and not make everyone mad, and play piano in my room.

an awesome development.

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