Paper Airplane in Northwest Indiana is doing 35 things including…

finish my masters degree

23 cheers


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I passed.
I did it.
I’m done.

Graduation is Tuesday, December 14th.

Holy shit.
What just happened?

*crosses fingers*

I should find out today or tomorrow that I officially passed.

New exam date

Wednesday, Oct. 6th.

I’ll pass. I really have no other choice. lol

All is right with the world.

I finally met w/ L at Panera for about an hour or so. Great meeting. I know exactly what I’m working with. I DID run out an get myself a giant white board (shout out to Sheldon!). I got this. :)

Goddamn it...

L never responded to my email asking her about her schedule. I knew she was on vacation, so I didn’t want to bother her… but now it’s almost August. I now only have two and a half months to study, WTF?!

I’m emailing the Dept. secretary, to ask if I can get a question from a different professor. This shit is ridiculous.

On track

Heard back from L. Looks like we’re gonna meet for coffee a few times over the summer to go over the retest material (hopefully Rose and Freire). Cool. I got this.


L’s going on sabbatical at the end of July, so that doesn’t leave much time to study with her directly, but I stated that I wanted an option of instant message conferencing in the event we couldn’t meet in person. She said she’ll give the plan some thought, and get back to me.

At least I finally got in contact w/ the woman.

I need more time

Work sucks, and I’m working my other job for the next two months as well. (Let’s hear it for extra money, at least…)

So I’m opting to meet w/ L over the summer into fall, take the exam in October, and graduate in December.

The envelope please...

J: Pass
C: Pass
L: Fail

*shakes fist at the sky

Nah. I get to retest in the next few weeks, pass that damn thing, walk in May, and graduate in August. It’s cool, yo.


We haven’t gotten our grades yet, but I’m 99% sure I failed the third one. We get a second chance. I fired off a 500 word email to my professor expressing my own disappointment in myself, and my willingness to meet w/ her to get prepared to knock this finally out.

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