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let the Disney-manufactured romantic fantasy die, and just leave it up to God, Buddha, Karma, and the rest of the Justice League

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We celebrated one year together on the 19th. <3

Boo ya!

Almost six months down for the books, kids. I found the right person for me, completely by accident. The curse has been shattered and thrown into Mount Doom.

The curse is broken.

A month later, it’s still going great. :)


I don’t know how this is going to pan out, but I’m going with it anyway.


So, THAT’S how this works!!! Ha HA!!!

Oh, hell...

Why do I become unintentionally attracted to the nice guys who are ultimately emotionally unavailable?


Meh. I feel like a total asshole.

A Theory

I think that I am subconsciously attracted to men who treat me like I’m less important; I’m the girl you meet, hang out with, and maybe even date for three weeks (that seems to be the lifespan these days. WTF?), right before you meet your next girlfriend.

I could finally articulate it yesterday during a conversation with K. While I was growing up, and after my parents split, my dad treated me like a secondary (and sometimes, tertiary) priority. His attention often veered toward his music, or his girlfriend of the month, rather than making sure we had weekend visitations, that I was covered under health insurance, or even that I got picked up for school at all.

I mean, I love my dad, but goddamn, was he a shit archetype. I’m completely aware of his failure as a father, and that it was not my fault, nor even, entirely his. HE never learned how to be a decent parent, because HIS family was so fucked up. But I can’t fix the past, and I can’t carry the cross anymore. But I’m at a complete loss as how to address how it affects my own present and future, and let it the fuck go.

Any ideas?

Oh, and K emphatically told me that she thinks that M “really, really, really likes” me, but he’s got the savior complex, being too busy being “Captain Save-A-Ho”. Heh, heh.

Seriously, though. I’ve been in those shoes, and I’m so done with them. It’s exhausting. But how the hell do I sit back, stay zen, and let things happen as they are supposed to, with the RIGHT person, if i’m still drawn to people like that??


I can remain friends with M, I know. But is it wrong that I’d like to smack him upside the head for giving his ex her 18th chance? Dude, I like you, and I’m glad you never used me as Interim Girl, but homey, you are a straight-up idiot. Fo’ real. Get it together.

Oh, boy...

Uh, so, unbeknownst to me, a mutual friend told M what’s up. (Yes. That guy.)

He now knows. And so do I. Apparently, it’s a bit mutual.


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