Paper Airplane in Northwest Indiana is doing 35 things including…

get my braces off

2 cheers


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Not bad, eh? :)


Tomorrow, kids! 9:30 a.m.!

I'm gonna annoy you all. lol

Exactly one week, kids!


T minus 8

Counting down

T minus 10 days, kids!

WOOT! Three weeks left!

Got my front teeth filed, and everything’s set for the 23rd. Wow.

Balance: $650


I’m scheduled to get them off September 23rd!
He might leave them on a bit longer, depending on how quickly my right front tooth finally straightens. He’s all about getting this perfect. I have the best orthodontist in the world. :)


Doc said I could be getting them off AUGUST 12TH!!!

After only a year and eight months, kids!

He’s shocked, since I was one of his more “difficult” cases.

I also asked about gum reshaping, and he told me that the gum line is already at the root, so that would be generally a bad and unnecessary idea. If it comes down to it, after some of the slight puffiness goes away, I could get veneers…

I might just live with it. My teeth are straight. Good enough. WOOT!

Balance: $900

Just to fine tune some things

Once I get them off, I want to get just a little gum reshaping done to even out my smile. The key word here is “subtlety,” folks.



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