Paper Airplane in Northwest Indiana is doing 35 things including…

move to the northwestern United States

3 cheers


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Paper Airplane has written 9 entries about this goal


Yep. Seattle. Someday.


I applied for two jobs in Miami, but either one probably wouldn’t happen until January.


I applied for two jobs in Maine this week.
Will be sending off more…

//fingers crossed//

At least..

this is still a possibility now.


For now, I’ll be landlocked for a while.

I have a city in mind. :)


Seems like a quieter Chicago, lots of career opportunities, only an hour from the coast, etc. ... and I came across scores of affordable apartments, including one just like the one I live in now, but with A DECK OVERLOOKING A RIVER. (passes out)

Aw!!! My own little barbershop! For $475!!!!!!

Oh my God...

It’s a FOUR MINUTE DRIVE to the coast. (cries)

Okay... This sounds crazy.

I read this Psychology Today article recently that discussed serendipity, and how there were generally two types of people in the world—those who have a basic idea of where they’d like to end up in life, but don’t have a clear plan on how it’ll happen… and then other people who have a plan A though K, and end up sorely disappointed if it doesn’t pan out.

I’m definitely in the first camp. This has always been an issue… or so I thought. I reconsidered it, and what’s really going on, is that I’m way more open-minded and resilient than perhaps I’ve given myself credit for. Go me.

So, I read ANOTHER article, about how people just took a chance on something that at the time made no sense, could lead to utter failure, etc., but instead lead to their happiness. A guy founds an accordion orchestra. A woman up and moves to Belize. Another woman cancels her wedding, and subsequently marries her childhood sweetheart.

Weird, right?

So I’m standing in my livingroom, loving it, since I just redecorated.

But the only thing that would make my home even better, would be if it was a little cottage, perhaps built circa 1790, with hardwood floors, and that upon walking out my front door, I’m a few hundred feet from the shore. And I look up, and see a million stars in the sky, at 11:30 at night. And there’s a lighthouse a short distance to my left.

Maybe it’s from re-watching Dark Shadows, lately… Or listening to Whisper House again…

It sounds ridiculous, but I think I’m supposed to go to Maine.

I don’t even KNOW anyone in Maine, (and I’ve only been there once, to Kittery, and I was 11.) And I have no idea how’d I’d even get there, with what resources, and with what money, but something’s telling me… I may belong there.

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