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school's done..uniform's gone

yippppppppieeeeeeeeeeeeee…. it’s over.hehehe
exam ended yesterday n i’m sooooo happy lalalalala
all the papers r not easy..gosh they all r killing me.. but wat’s the fussss? school end and i’m no longer a high scool student.yaaaayyyyy

i cry?????

technically, yesterday was my last day in school..n the next few weeks..EXAMS..can u believe, exam in 2 days but i’ll still have time to write in here?????i x expect dis 2,^....i’v took lots of pic yesterday..my schooll pic..neva thought i’ll be dis very s’tmental..ahakz….but dat x change the fact tha i’ve been studying in an old school…...n my desk look even more ugly in pic.huh?anyone 2 blame?but…i did figure out s’thing interesting….hik3, i do look cute in my school uniformhehe^


i x noe wat i’m suppose to be…
hepi or sad… highschool end after few weeks..yay.
it’s sound fun..very very fun, well higschool is mean.. full of problems..kinda hate it most of time.. n i’ll leaving it..i’m counting da time actually,yayay ….hmmmmm, n da truth is, i’m x as hepi as i thought i’ll be…i guess i’m just not ready,i’m x redy to leave my frenz,teachers maybe, i x noe… for 5 years i spent my life there..sor of boring tremendously to see the old blocks, my ugly desk(bcoz i’m to lazy to manage it), a very very gigantic field where i have to give all my energy 4 sprinting(later on panting vigorously) n funnily, i started to miss them, when i’m x even leaving them yet…................i just hope i won’t cry later(pliz….)n stick to the point that leaving highschool is freedom or maybe victory…....watever!!!


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