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Save $10,000

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This is Well done, wasn’t really tough, I got a pretty decent pay rise and we basically just pretended I didn’t.


Just had a HUGE boost to our savings, Turns out I was getting paid incorrectly for the past 2 years, two pay increases went by without them deducting my car and phone allowances like in my original contract. So my weekly wage just went up, but best of all the backpay is a MAD injection of funds!half on my car loan, half toNYC BABY!! Wooo!!

New York, New York!!

Technically the NYC money doesn’t count as savings, our actual savings account barely has anything in it. The America trip money however is coming along awesomely. Living on a super tight budget, selling our crap even, we made $190 with a trash and treasure stall last weekend, and I’ve already made like 200 bucks with rando eBay stuff!! It all looks good until next month when we go to the travel agent, lol!

Mini goals

We are starting to cost the trip out, it’s so much easier to save when everything is equated to how much entry to XYZ costs… We made enough for our book of morman tickets this weekend :)


I got a $1500 bonus at work today!! I got taxed to the hilt, but it still left me with $800 for the savings. Close to 10% again. It’s so easy when we have such a brilliant goal!!

Over half way...

We are saving $200 a week at least at the moment, so we are getting there.


Getting there…


A few bills came up, spent a bit too much when we were away… the same old story.


We are buying a laptop, the opportunity came up and it was offered to us so cheaply it was hard to say no. My aim is to do it without touching our savings. This should be fine because I paid all the bills last week, but tough because we are going to The city this weekend.



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