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do my laundry

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Kaz_Dancing has written 9 entries about this goal

It took nearly 6 months...

But I’m there. I have finally caught up with my laundry, and thanks to my new house and its clothes dryer and clothesline, i should stay caught up…

Our issue with laundry...

Is that we do almost all of it, so much so that we have alot of clean clothes. Then we dont notice it piling up again. Higher and higher, and boom, we’re back in the same mess. So we’re going on a massive blitz to try and do “small” loads, with just what we wore that day, hang it out over night and clean it up in the morning…see how we go.


the pile got bigger because we were away for the weekend!!

One little pile left

I am please to announce that once the next load is washed and dry, Mount Wa Shing shall be no more! I climbed the summit and cured my fears. Hurrah!

I can't believe I'm still doing this!!!

I’m still attacking my mountain!! It’s unbelievable the amount of washing we generate!!

Getting there...

I’ve managed to get it from a pile to two washing baskets. I just can believe how much there is…might need to donate some to charity…Oh, and I have folded and put away all the clean stuff too!!

Got a bit complacent

I havnt done any washing for a few days, which means the mountain is growing, not decreasing. have a method in mind howeve, which should have me doing a few loads a day until its all done…

Got 2 loads done yesterday

It’s had because its pouring rain so i have to dry everything an my apartment. Oh well, little by little…

I've created a mountain...

There is a giant mountain in my laundry at the moment, and i found out that some of the clothes i thought were dirty were actually clean… a nice suprise. I have to fold the clean stuff and iron it etc, and wash the dirty stuff load by load. Good God it’s such a huge task…once again, how did this happen!!!

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