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After 4 years...

And here I am, closing another goal that was on my list for years.

Everytime I go to the gym, I walk fastat least 15 minutes. When I can, I make 30 minutes. And this is without count the minutes I spend to walk until the gym itself.

I’m really a walky person. Not only on the gym, but on my normal days. And I like this, in a time people would get the car to cross the street if they could.

After 1 month and a half...

... here I am again in this goal. Now with my new tennis shoes. And its bill every month on my credit card. I hope this fact makes me use them more often than the old ones. And it was much more confortable walk with them.

Tennis shoes

So, I’ve been searching some tennis shoes model, because I can still running with the old ones I have. Probably my kees won’t handle with it so much time. I’ve just found a great model for a great price on a sales. I know, I’m broken with all travel and concert spendings for the next months, but it’s a necessary issue and I won’t get this price again soon. I’ll decide it today: I buy it or give up and stop thinking about it.

So, I bought the tennis shoes for running. I hope it will be a good reason to still exercizing, as I’ll be on debt payting the shoes for some months…

Video for the rainning days

I’m getting back to this goal even it’s still rains. I’m using this video to keep exercizing in the rainning days in front of the computer.

UPDATE: I’ve just found a advanced video, to do after the first one. Here it is!

Starting again...

The biggest reason to stop my walks is the rain. It’s always rainning at the time in the morning and afternoons I can walk. As I have classes at the beginning of night almost everyday, most of the time I have to be at the bus at the end of afternoon. Now it’s not rainning everyday anymore, I can wait to spring time arrive (even I’m loving winter this year for other reasons).
I stopped lose weight and it’s not helping me decrease my menstrual pains. I know when I’m walking and taking my teas, it decreases a lot. As I’m not walking, I’m suffering a lot today and remembered about this goal. I was going so well, I want to be back to it soon.

After hard study days...

... I want to go back to my walks again. After my eyes be better (I can’t handle with the morning sun :/), I hope I can walk twice a day (fow a while, I’m just in the end of afternoon).

More days and faster!

I’m really happy with the progress I’ve been doing in the last 2 weeks. I increased the days in the week I go out to walk and I can run in part of time. I’m getting more tired, of course, but I’m feeling I’m evoluting in a better speed I’ve imegined.
I’m trying to wake up a little early, so I can enjoy better the time before the sun shine stronger on me head. And I’ll start to run in the begin of night too at the days I don’t have classes (twice a week).
If I stil progress like this for more weeks, I’m planning to get a real running shoes as a birthday gift to myself :D

1st day

So, I woke up early and made 10 turns on my street in 48 minutes. I hope I can increase these numbers week by week and can run soon.
I’m thinking I can give myself a running shoes as gift after 1 complete month of walking everyday (even on weekend and rainy days). Let’s see what will go on!
(Yeah, I’m very excited about this goal :D)

daily basis

As I’m with more free time (for a bad reason, but I’ll make it in a good thing in my life), I’ll spend part of it in be less sedentary. Walk is always a good exercise and it’s free: you just get your shoes and go to the streets.
I walked a little last week, but I’m inteding to do it again in a daily basis starting tomorrow. The alarm clock is already programed to ring everday early, even in rainy days.
I’m register my walks on Real Age walking tracks:


I used my pedometer 3 times this week. In the first day, I made 3997 steps. In the second, 4756. And yesterday, 7003. Yeah, I had a crazy day!!
I think I’ll check again my step counts this week and decide about my goals. I think maybe it’s better to have a week goal, not a daily goal.

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