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Think of all the things I would do if I won the lottery, and then look for ways to work towards them now, even without a multimillion dollar bank account


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Not really sure how I can do these since most are money things. The spa thing is a waste of money at this point, i do donate monthly to two different oganztions nd donate thrught the new to some other cuse that catch my attetion or get me. As fr the traveling well I can look at that in the future, but its not n omg i wanna s bad, so its not a big deal as long as i go somewhere cool and fun fr my honeymoon. I do volunteer my time once a week already. As fr the persoannl trainer its jsut to much money to do. I take a yoga class noe and do try yto go to the gym. I am trying to hget myself ut of debt right now s i will be able t buy my own home, so yes i think i am doing great so far and So I think this goal is done already…


travel to greece, jamaica and thailand
Visist Sammy in Aussie
Buy a home
Give to chartity
Have spa daysmore often
get a personal trainer
Buy my parents, my sister and Bonnie a house
Go on a majr shopping spree
if i was set for life I would find a job that i loved beside the pay or maybe even vouluteer full time for a great cause r causes


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