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Was so scary. I’m really going to have to focus on this one. I also finally got geared up, and I look pretty sleek in my half chaps and breeches and paddock boots. THey make it SOOO much easier to ride, too. I’m sort of wondering when “learn to ride a horse” gets done at this rate. I mean, I can ride a horse. Or I can ride a few easy to ride horses. Maybe I need to get more specific… Jenny clearly is ready to set me on the path of mass destruction and competition, so maybe the goal needs to be “try not to spend every penny I own on riding horses.”

Whole New Level

So on Thursday I got a taste of a “real horse,” meaning, a horse that is responsive, and fast, and mostly respectful of authority. It was terrifying. Instead of having to wheedle and plead and kick to get a mediocre trot, I was immediately propelled into a beautiful fast pace. It was hard to keep up, but when it was working, it was soooo easy. Just had to settle those butterflies. I was getting a little cocky, but this just proves how far I have to go.

Whoa, Nelly.

Almost got thrown from the horse twice today (someone was doing some major work with a chipper, which spooked him). Didn’t fall, didn’t bail, just held tight. First time ended up on his neck, the second I stayed right in the center of the saddle. I was surprised I wasn’t more freaked, although I was a bit trembly. Glad to have gotten the first trama out of the way with relatively little…. well, trama.

Trot Along

Still riding once a week, hoping to move up to twice soon. Still having trouble keeping my leg on the horse—I want to stick it out to the side, but overall, things are getting much better. It’s easy for me to get in rhythm with the horse, I’m not generally afraid I’m going to bounce off, I’ve got the basics of tack down (with some reminders), etcetera.

Can’t wait to canter!


Wow, it’s hard to learn to post English-style if you’re (however limited) riding experience has been western. My thighs are killing me. My favorite boots smell like manure. It’s really honking fun.

My First Lesson

Took my first lesson today at Hidden Fox Farm with my friend Jenny. Was mostly a stable management thing, how to groom and bridle the horse, taking care of tack etcetera. We did do basic steering and posture on the horse, though, and I shocked everyone by having to wear the stirrups on the lowest setting. It was a gorgeous day and there were many dogs about. I enjoyed it very much.

Starting to think that horse people are not by and large cat people and I will try not to read too much into that while thinking of my future as a horsewoman.

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