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I now have 15 emails in one inbox & 17 in the other – the rest are all filed away. Surely this will help me to be better at staying in touch – the emails I mean to reply to will no longer get buried under useless junk. Well, that’s the plan, anyway…


My hotmail inbox has now been sorted and there are only 95 emails in my netidentity account. By no means perfect filing, but it should be a lot easier to see what needs dealing with, especially when I finish those last 95. Yay!

Note to self

Once this is done, sort out backing up of emails!

A good start.

Okay, so I have set up my mail client, and started to organise my mail. On Tuesday, I deleted about 200 mails – probably another few hundred to go. Especially as getting organised has made me realise that some people are sending all their mails to 2 of my addresses, so I have many duplicates. I guess I should email them, and let them know.

I really hope that this is going to help me fulfil one of my other goals – staying in touch with people. At the moment, mails still to be dealt with stay in my inbox, but get lost among other mails. With a proper filing system, this shouldn’t happen.


I have mail in 3 separate places, and I dread to think of how many old messages I must have. I like to keep old emails cos they remind me of plotting and planning for special events, but I really don’t need all the messages from one conversation! It would be great if I could find information when I need it – I think Outlook might be the key to this. And tidying might help me in my goal to stay in touch with people.

So overall this would be a really useful goal to achieve, I just dread to think how long it might take. As it’s fairly mindless work, ideally I would combine it with another activity, but I’m not sure what. If only my gym had PCs attached to the machines – that would be perfect!

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