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Work through The Artist's Way (Julia Cameron)

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The first few days.

I’m afraid I let the team down on Monday when I woke up late and didn’t manage to finish all my morning pages. But on Tuesday I did 6 pages – mainly because I decided that my book is too small, but this may also have been penance for my shoddy behaviour on Monday. Today, I wrote 3 A5 pages and I have decided that this is enough, unless I have more to say.

Some interesting thoughts have been coming out during the writing and affirmations – I have been thinking about people and occasions that I completely forgot about for years. It’s too early to say yet whether this will make a change for the better, but it certainly explains some negative associations that I have, not so much with art, but with success in general.

I have found the exercises for this week quite difficult. I don’t think I had that many critics of my creativity – as I remember, people generally didn’t focus on it at all, instead concentrating on my academic leanings. But maybe as the week continues I will go deeper into the past and remember different things.

For the exercise where you are supposed to try living one of your other dream lives, I am going to be Landed Gentry. This will involve light gardening, afternoon G&Ts, and hopefully a visit to a stately home of some kind.

I am undecided about my Artist’s Date as yet, although I will have to decide quickly or the week will be gone!

My copy is also en route.

Looking forward to its arrival so that I can start reading. I’m really glad that we’re working on this as a team – it really helped with the detox, so I have a very good feeling about this venture.

And I’m sure that spring is the perfect time to start a creative growth project!

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