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fall out of love


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It took someone else to show me how amazing love can actually be when it’s real.

is it possible?

I think I have done this.. but then again is it really ever possible? I definitely have my doubts.

i fell in love now i want OUT

i fell in love… it wasn’t my fault i swear. there was no logical reason for it to happen. all of a sudden i was obsessed. i understood all the songs and the movies. i could converse on a different level… yes i even looked a life differently. i can say falling in love changed my life. but now with the circumstances i am left with… the fact that i have no chance with this love… i want, no NEED to fall out of love. i think i began working on this before i needed to. because i knew that it wouldn’t work out. i knew that i would have to fall out of love eventually and now that it is certain yes this is something i need to do. i recommended falling in love but i can’t back up that recommendation. i think if you fall in love and the other person loves you… then good luck! thats great and believe me i am truly happy for you! but if you are like me… i apply the TGTBT principle to my life anymore. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE. cause if it is good, to a certain point, for me it will fall through or hurt me in some way. you may think it’s sad that i have to look at life that way… but when i start seeing a therapist i’ll let you know if i make any progress…..


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