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Get below 140 pounds by the end of the spring semester

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The buffet at college has hardly helped my waistline…and the food is actually pretty good! It took me a bit to gather my self-discipline and remind myself that while no one is going to stop me from having bacon at breakfast and two cookies at lunch, that doesn’t mean it’s okay.
Then Thanksgiving happened. I was able to mostly resist the mashed potatoes and pecan pie, but the potato rolls and cheesecake sampler were calling to me. Nomnomnom.
Tomorrow afternoon after lab I’m hitting the gym.

Back to the start

Spring break was definitely not the healthiest (at least it was a load of fun!) but I need to get back on track. I think this will be easier when I’m not studying and stressing out for exams…Has anyone tried P90X? What do you think of it for weight loss and/or for building muscle?

Three down

and seven to go! This is easier than I expected.

I’m drinking a LOT of water, especially before meals. It helps take the edge off if you’re hungry.
Slightly smaller portion sizes, but not too small before exercise, because passing out is no fun.

And…a DELICIOUS icecream substitute I found in another 43Thinger’s entry (whoever it was, thank you!):
unsweetened Greek yogurt + spoonful of raspberry preserves + chopped roasted almonds + a little agave nectar = light pink heaven in a bowl

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